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In addition to meeting with and speaking to our clients frequently, our website allows our clients to access all of our research, allowing them to explore a recommendation in more detail or to search for research by company name, geography, market cap or investment style. We present our ideas in three key ways:

Note - The Analyst


Whether full initiation notes, quick updates or detailed due diligence, our notes are focussed and succinct, and include a clear investment thesis.

Visualisation - The Analyst


A well-understood investment thesis, backed by extensive work, can be communicated visually. Visualisations allow our clients to quickly understand our ideas, focusing solely on the key drivers.

Video - The Analyst


The reasons behind our investment recommendation, delivered by the analyst, usually in less than a minute. Often the starting point for our clients before delving into our detailed work.

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Bespoke Projects

In addition to our core research product of high conviction longs and shorts, a number of clients ask us to undertake bespoke research projects on particular stock. These projects, which are priced separately from our core product, range from fast-turnaround quick views on a stock, to deep dive analyses of a company and it’s competitors with extensive due diligence. A number of examples are available below.

Bespoke sample research

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