Independent and differentiated equity investment ideas

We work with investors who understand our basic proposition – good ideas presented for investors, written by investors, in a simple manner, focused on what matters.

We are fundamental, bottom-up stock pickers, our investment horizon is long-term and we do not pay undue attention to short-term noise.

Why we are different

After spending ten years on the buy-side at Fidelity and then a major hedge fund, I wanted to move away from the intellectual constraints of the City, search the globe for new ideas and write interesting research. I was amazed by the scarcity of brave investment ideas and truly independent research available to fund managers. The industry is defined by consensus thinking, short-termism and a lack of clarity as to what really matters when making sound investment decisions. The team of analysts that I have brought together deliver for our clients actionable, high-conviction ideas, supported by rigorous fundamental research.

Mark Hiley - Founding Partner
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The Analyst is designed to complement your investment process by injecting fresh ideas supported by fundamental research.

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Our Investment Philosophy


We are not affiliated to any institutions that could bias our research. We do not profit from trades, we cannot be influenced by company relations and, as a result, we are not afraid to be bold in our views.


We look for dramatic misvaluations in stock prices. This is usually found at major inflection points in an industry and at times of extreme fear or greed.


By stepping away from the institutionalised thinking of the City, we can focus on what really matters and ignore the noise of the herd.


We look at any stocks in any sector, of any size, in any place. We want to find the best ideas for our clients, from the wealth of listed stocks worldwide, and we are open-minded about where we find them.


A comprehensive understanding of how a business works and its financial fundamentals is critical to reaching an investment conclusion. Our research is grounded in rigorous analysis.

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The Analyst & Sarcoma UK

The Analyst donates a percentage of its annual profits to Sarcoma UK. This charity means a great deal to The Analyst, having helped our former colleague Jonathan Scriven during the final months of his life in 2011.

If you would like to learn more about sarcomas, and the excellent work done by Sarcoma UK, please visit their website.

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